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Values & Principles

Click the link HFH Latest Article  to view our editorial published in the Parliamentary Review on November 24th 2019.

Members of the Parliamentary Review (MPRs) represent all parts of the country with backgrounds in all areas of the British economy. What binds us together more than anything else are our shared values and principles, that we uphold at all times.

As a member of The Parliamentary Review, we promise to adhere to the following principles and values:

>. To demonstrate leadership and commitment in our field and to be a lodestar to policymakers and others in the sector.

>. To share our knowledge with the wider business community in order to raise standards and improve competitiveness across the country.

>. To treat all business associates with the utmost courtesy and respect.

>. To engage with other Parliamentary Review Members, treating differing opinions with respect at all times.

>. To work diligently to mainain ad share a high level of relevant and current professional and political knowledge.

>. To accurately represent, to the best of our knowledge, the concerns of our industry as we see them.

>. To make every effort to deal exclusively with businesses and individuals of repute.

>. To engage with policymakers ar a local and national level honestly and frankly, making clear to them what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

>. To offer our honest and considered advice and opinions to anyone from business or politics who should, in good faith, seek it.

>. To deliver, where ever possible, a positive social impact.

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