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LF Series Laminar Flow Cabinets

Laminar Flow cabinets are a series of high efficiency products designed to protect equipment and other contents of the work zone from particulates for applications sensitive to such contamination.

Laminar Flow cabinets are ideally suited for use with non-hazardous contaminants and when flexible access to the equipment in the work zone is desired. When used according to best practices, the Laminar Flow cabinets encourage compliance with criteria set forth by USP 797 for sterile preparation in pharmaceutical compounding of nonhazardous agents.

Considerations for Vertical or Horizontal Airflow (VLF and HLF Models)

Performance of vertical and horizontal flow cabinets is the same and the choice is largely a matter of user preference.

• Horizontal flow cabinets create less turbulence at the work surface, as the airflow does not directly impinge upon it but rather is smoothly drawn across it. The airflow on vertical flow cabinets directly strikes the work surface. However, to minimize this effect, vertical laminar flow cabinets are manufactured with rear wall perforations to reduce turbulence by removing a small amount of air at the rear of the cabinet. Turbulence is a problem only when it is excessive.

• Airflow in a horizontal flow cabinet exits directly towards the user, whereas the airflow in a vertical flow cabinet strikes the work surface
first and exits towards the user indirectly. It should be noted, neither style laminar flow cabinet offers any operator protection.

• Large or tall equipment in a horizontal flow cabinet will interrupt the airflow more than in a vertical flow cabinet. This may createmore turbulence and “dead” spots where airflow is lower than elsewhere. Vertical flow cabinets are not so impacted by large equipment.

• In vertical flow cabinets, the ULPA filter is mounted above the work surface. This provides a larger work space, both taller and deeper,that may be appropriate for large equipment in the work zone.

Key Features:

• Excellent protection of equipment and materials inside the cabinet from particulate contamination

• Rich set of options to customize cabinets for a multitude of applications, including 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ and 8’ widths.

• Cabinet lighting located away from laminar flow area, with optional ultraviolet lamp to sterilise and decontaminate work zone.

• Disposable polyester fiber pre-filter with 85% arrestance and long-life Camfil-Farr ULPA main filter with efficiency of 99.999% at particle sizes between 0.1 to 0.3 μm.

• Control panel On/Off switch for fan, lighting, GFCI outlets, Minihelic ULPA pressure gauge to measure filter performance, UV lamp key switch.

• Stainless steel work surface with ULPA filter spill retention lip on HLF units.

• MICROgone™ antimicrobial coating on all painted metal surfaces minimizes contamination – white color.Laminar Flow Cabinets are suitable for a variety of applications, especially where an individual clean air environment is required for smaller items, e.g. particle sensitive electronic devices.

Areas of use include:

• Plant tissue culture

• Media plate preparation

• Electronics inspection

• Medical device assembly

• Pharmacy drug preparation


LF Series, Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

HFHHLF-24-G - 24"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHHLF-36-G - 36"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHHLF-48-G - 48"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHHLF-60-G - 60"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHHLF-72-G - 72"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHHLF-96-G - 96"W, 230VAC, 50Hz

LF Series, Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet, Tall

HFHHLF-24XT-G - 24"W, extra tall legs, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHHLF-36XT-G - 36"W, extra tall legs, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHHLF-48XT-G - 48"W, extra tall legs, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHHLF-60XT-G - 60"W, extra tall legs, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHHLF-72XT-G - 72"W, extra tall legs, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHHLF-96XT-G - 96"W, extra tall legs, 230VAC, 50Hz

LF Series, Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

HFHVLF-24-G - 24"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHVLF-36-G - 36"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHVLF-48-G - 48"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHVLF-60-G - 60"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHVLF-72-G - 72"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHVLF-96-G - 96"W, 230VAC, 50Hz

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