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Laboratory Extract Arms

Fume and Dust Extractor Arm | Suitable for Evacuation of Airbourne Contaminants

We offer a range of laboratory extraction arms that can be installed into laboratories to extract contaminants, such as solvents or airbourne contaminants that are generated during daily operations. Featuring  friction / articulating joints for workplaces where great flexibility is required such as laboratories, production environments, schools, universities and lighter industrial applications. The articulating joints have a large frictional diameter and are supported with ball bearings for ease of movement. The degree of friction is easily adjusted with a fingertip operation on an adjuster located at each joint. All arms are equipped with an air tight damper and a 360 degree rotational swivel while mounted in place.

This arm is available in four versions:

STANDARD - suitable for evacuation of most types of airborne contaminants

PP VERSION - Most suitable for evacuation of highly corrosive contaminants in high concentrations.

ESD VERSION - For ESD enviroments, type approved to EN 61340-5-1

ATEX VERSION - For ATEX classed environments, as in directive 94/9/EC category 2, for gasses and dust

The extract arm is available in sizes 50mm, 75mm and 100mm


All sizes are suitable for table mounting, ceiling mounting and wall mounting. The ceiling and wall mounted arms are interchangeable with mounting brackets constructed of a square anodized aluminium profile for good stability and appealing finish.

The 50mm and 75mm diameter use the same brackets, while the 100mm has its own selection of brackets.

All ceiling brackets are available in eight standard lengths up to 2000mm.Special orders for longer lenghts are available.

To complete your installation, an escutcheon plate ((MIT CT) is used to cover cut out holes in the finished ceiling.


There are six (6) interchangeable hoods for the 50mm & 75mm diameter arms and four(4) for the 100mm. Acceptable airflow is 30-270cfm.


This version with polypropylene joints and anodized aluminium tubes is available in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. This version is suitable for evacuation of most types of airborne contaminants from laboratories, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, hair dresser and light industrial applications.


Joints and tubes in recyclable PP. All metal parts that come into contact with the airstream are made from acid resistant stainless steel (316). The PP version is available in sizes 75mm and 100mm and is primarily used for evacuation of extremely corrosive contaminants in high concentrations for certain laboratories, and also pharmaceutical and chemical ndustries.

When using a ceiling mounted PP extractor, we recomend using a MTI ceiling bracket with internal epoxy surface coating.


Joints made from conducting polypropylene and tubes of anodized aluminium, provide that this arm is electically conductive, thus grounding static electricity to a grounding point. The ESD version is available in sizes 50mm and 75mm diameter.

The ESD version is suitable for evacuation of airborne contaminants in environments where one wishes to avoid the risk of sparking that may occur due to static electricity. Another area of use is the electronics industry where ESD certification is required. The ESD version is Type approved to EN 61340-5-1. The demands for ESD certification require that the product does not accumulate and store charge of 100V for more than 2 seconds.


With joints and tubes of conductive recyclable PP. All metal parts that come into contact with the airstream are made from stainless steel. Static electricity is lead to a seperate grounding point. All load bearing steel parts have a conductive powder coating. This product fulfils the demand in ATEX directive 94/9/EC category 2, for gasses and dust.

The ATEX version is available in 100mm diameter and is suitable for the evacuation of airborne contaminants in environments that demand ATEX classed products, laboratories, chemical and petrochemical industries, gas distribution, paint and pharmaceutical industries to eliminate the risk of dangerous electrostatic charges.

For more information on any of the four versions, please contact us, request a quote below or download our fact sheet.

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