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Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosures

Nanotechnology continues to advance in a variety of industries, including aerospace, research, pharmaceutical, and academia, yet few effective containment solutions for particles that range in size from 1nm to 100nm exist. The ductless nanoparticle containment enclosure (DNCE) is designed to contain nanomaterial particles that are 100nm or less in diameter (ultra-fines). With a stainless steel infrastructure, powder coated FFU, and dual filtration options to ensure superior containment, the DNCE line provides a safe work environment at an affordable price.

Key Features:

  • Protects the operator from nanomaterial particles.
  • Optional Filter Shutter System for safer filter exchange.
  • Innovative filter clamping eliminates bypass leakage.
  • Exhaust canopy allows for thimble ducting to the facility exhaust system.
  • Airflow monitor with built-in low airflow alarm.

Ductless Filtration

The Eco-Friendly Choice

Some sources indicate that due to their extremely small size, nanoparticles have characteristics more like a gas than a solid. As nanoparticles diffuse, they collide with air molecules and move in a random pattern. For this reason, diffusion filtering is most commonly recommended to capture nanoparticles and nanomaterial.

Independent industry experts agree that some nanoparticles are small enough to escape through the HEPA filter. Because the DNCE product line uses a HEPA filter as the main filter, a supplemental carbon filter can be used to trap chemical vapors emitted from the work process. The carbon filter does not capture nanoparticles.

  • Environmental Benefits. Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosures (DNCE) isolate and trap powders and particulates to prevent ecological impact through release into the environment.
  • Safer Filter Replacement. The optional bag-out shutter filter replacement system minimizes exposure to filter contaminants when removing used filters for insertion of new filters.
  • Carbon Safety Filter. The carbon safety filter can be combined with the HEPA filter to prevent infiltration of chemical vapor byproducts into the work area, thereby eliminating the need for a ducted fume hood.
  • Versatile. The DNCE includes a factory installed exhaust canopy that allows for thimble ducting to the outside.
  • Easy to Install. The ductless nanomaterial enclosure is selfcontained and does not require venting to the outside. The cabinet is portable and may be moved from one location to the next with minimal downtime and without filter changes. Set-up,operation and filter maintenance are straightforward.
  • Energy Efficient. Because filtered air is returned to the room, no demands are required of the facility HVAC capacity for make-up air.
  • Cost Effective. Facility ductwork, HVAC and construction costs are eliminated
  • Safe to Use. Cabinet airflow and face velocity protect users from incidental exposures to nanomaterial.
  • Self-testing. Electronic airflow monitoring assures continuous safety.


  • 304 grade stainless steel support frame is chemical resistance and cleanroom compatible.
  • Integrated filter chamber prevents contaminated air from contacting internal cabinet mechanisms.
  • DNCE hoods are available in 3 standard sizes.
  • High capacity air handling system delivers face velocity of 100 FPM.
  • HEPA/ULPA filtration combined with an optional carbon safety filter for vapors (acids and bases).
  • A low airflow alarm warns of insufficient face velocity.
  • The filter assembly is easy to access, easy to change, and safe.
  • Filters located upstream of the blower to protect against chemical damage.
  • A unique filter clamping design eliminates bypass leakage outside the cabinet.
  • Standard 6" removable external exhaust port to attach to external ducting.


NANO Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosures Product Range

HFHP5-24-XT (NANO) -G - 24"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHP5-36-XT (NANO) -G - 36"W, 230VAC, 50Hz
HFHP5-48-XT (NANO) -G - 48"W, 230VAC, 50Hz

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