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Fume Cupboard Sales & Installation in Dunstable, Bedfordshire



Hello and welcome to Holliday Fielding Hocking serving the business and education sector in Dunstable.

We are proud to provide a full-service Fume Cupboard equipment and installation service to Dunstable and the surrounding LU Postcode area. When you choose to work with us, you will be working with an experienced team who have a vast amount of knowledge in supplying UK businesses with fume extracted products. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help your business.

We provide free estimates for new and used / refurbished fume cupboard sales and installation services. We are one of Bedfordshire premier provider of fume cupboards for use in education, research, medical/pharmacology and industry. We have been serving the region of Bedfordshire for over 5 generations, and are a specialist provider of fume extracted and filtered products to suit all applications, including the food production sector.

We supply a wide range of businesses in the Bedfordshire area including secondary schools, colleges, universities and laboratories in many specialist areas. We are happy to provide references from them or from other satisfied customers in the United Kingdom.

For more information on Dunstable, its economy and surroundings visit the Dunstable Today website or Wikipedia by following the links here.

Servicing & Testing of Fume Cupboards in Dunstable

Our Service Division Holliday Technical Services can perform scheduled preventative inspections on your local exhaust ventilated fume cupboards and fume extraction systems regardless of make or Model to comply with C.O.S.H.H regulations and provide a detailed report showing results of tests carried out, current conditions of your units and providing recommendations for future service needs. We can also respond to breakdowns, of fume cupboards, supply replacement parts and repair.

Fume Extraction in Dunstable

The optimum performance of fume cupboards and ducted containment equipment can only be assured if connected to a well-designed fume extraction system. That’s why our industry-leading product range is complemented by our specialist team of ventilation designers and fabricators.

Refurbished Fume Cupboards in Dunstable

Our in-house engineers have extensive knowledge in the repair and refurbishment of all European and US manufactured fume cupboards and not only can we carry out refurbishment of your own equipment on-site in Dunstable or surrounding towns, but we carry a large selection of quality ducted and re-circulating units at our factory that offer a substantial cost saving on new.

Dunstable Fume Cupboard Hospital

Ever aware of our duties to the environment and conscious that not all our customers can afford nor want a new system, we are very proud to announce the first FUME CUPBOARD HOSPITAL. If you have equipment which needs attention but has many years of shelf life left we are happy to take this into our ‘ hospital’ in Yorkshire, where we will take great care in restoring it back to it’s ‘former glory’ and then returning it safely back to you.

For a FREE consultation on your business needs, please reach out to us on 0113 245 4111 or click here to complete our contact form.

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